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Marrying your best friend

I just read a blog entitled something like, “The Five Most Annoying Engagement Facebook Posts.” Here’s the link.

Coming in at number one is “the BFF post”–wherein the newly engaged claims to be marrying her best friend. The writer nearly barfs. And the thing is, that could have been me a few years ago. I did not believe in the marrying your best friend thing. I simply did not believe anyone was actually married to their best friend. No chance. Our girls are our BFFs. They know us the best. They’ve been with us through weigh gain, heartaches, job losses, and all of the great stuff too.

But then I married my best friend. He didn’t start out that way. We casually dated. In fact, after six or so weeks, I didn’t think he was into me enough, so I broke things off in order to concentrate my energies on another guy who was waaaay into me. A few days later, he asked me to reconsider, and he was so sweet and charming and I already did like him and I appreciated his persistence. Other guy was exciting, poetic and passionate, but I didn’t consider him a long-term possibility, so the nice guy and I got back together.

Our dates went from once a week–often during the week (which I’d taken as a clue that he wasn’t into me)–to several times a week, including nice, pre-planned weekend dates. I slowly met his friends. He met mine. We cooked dinners together, attended concerts, went on walks. Within a few months, we were falling in love and even planned a big trip together. By the time we got engaged, less than a year after we met, I knew without a doubt that he was the right man for me. I’ve been in serious relationships before. I’ve been engaged a few times actually and even married. I’m not proud of this. I had good reasons for getting engaged and married–practical reasons such as: this is a good guy, we have a lot in common, I love him, he will make a good husband.

This time was very different. I wanted to get married because I’d become best friends with the guy I loved. THAT had never happened before (for me). So, while I’m still not sure about falling in love with your best friend, I am sure that you can become best friends with the guy you love.