I was recently asked, “What are you an expert about?”  Cringe.  My response was: grammar.  That’s really not true, as I am no expert.  But I do cringe a lot.  I mentally edit everything I read and hear.  Sometimes I verbally do so.  Which my husband hates.

After litigating for ten years, my health problems caught up with me and I gave up that career a few years ago.  I have spent the past few years editing, writing, ghost-writing, managing social media campaigns, working on websites, and now I focus most of my energy helping my husband with his tech business.  I’ve been adding “skills” to my LinkedIn profile, and recently added “cat herder.”  That really cracked me up–that skill actually exists!  I was just going to list “cat” for fun because I’m owned by four and that seems like a skill, but “cat herder” seemed even funnier.

I used to have a very wide circle of friends, but life events caused a significant reduction in numbers, though I find the quality of my friendships is high. These friends describe me as funny, which I think is funny since I see myself as introverted and boring. My passions include travel, food, WINE, and the New Orleans Saints. Oh, and being a closet-Goth.


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